What's the occasion?

     - Birthdays          - Anniversary's          - Casual  outdoor wedding receptions          - Pool Party             - Reunion 

                     - Grand openings      - Fundraising events       - Staff or customer appreciation          - Fairs       

Not Just Dogs believes that you can have your party and enjoy it too!. Forget the same old potato salads at potlucks, or missing out on most of the party because you are stuck slaving around the BBQ. Let Not Just Dogs provide the service and food to make your party everything you want it to be.

Nothing draws a crowd like the smell of a BBQ, if you are planning a grand opening or extravagant sale why not tempt more customers in the door with a serviced food cart, without the hassle of renting equipment, wasting valuable staff time, purchasing and storing food,  set up or the clean up. Leave it all up to Not Just Dogs. We will be sure to impress your customers just like our own.   

We know Friends and family appreciate a casual outdoor wedding and reception. We also know Brides often struggle with the budget for the big day. Having a formal dinner is becoming less common now, due to the high costs.  Even when planning to have a evening wedding to avoid the costly formal dinner, food is often required when serving alcohol. Why spend a fortune on fancy plates of food nobody really wants anyways. Not Just Dogs can provide your wedding day with both a fairy-tale budget, and comfort foods that everyone will love.